Dining out like Pikachu in Tokyo ⋆

Dining out like Pikachu in Tokyo

The Tokyo-based Pokémon Cafe is celebrating an anniversary and has decided to offer a very special menu to mark the occasion.  The eatery is a firm favorite for local Pokémon players, who were thrilled when they saw the new dishes on offer.  However, the Pokémon cooks up cute menu offerings all year round.

Bulbasaur, Charizard, And Pikachu (of course)

Every Pokémon player was captivated but the new exclusive dishes.  One was so pretty people wondered if they should eat it.  Check out the Bulbasaur Vegetable Burger!  This green burger comes with a side order of fries and soup and is so delicious even the confirmed meat eaters were tempted.

There was certainly no disappointment in store for meat eaters.  A roast beef volcano paid homage to Charizard and Pikachu was represented by a marshmallow cake served with a latte.    Signature drinks were also on hand for fans of Squirtle, Articuno Mew, Moltres and Zapdos.

Delicious Daily Dishes

The Pokémon Cafe has a great offering of tasty dishes every day and of course, Pikachu is often featured.  Patrons ordering a Pikachu meal even have their food served on a Pikachu shaped plate.  Many diners have recommended trying the Pikachu curry.  The meal comes with a rice Pikachu and the potatoes and vegetable are shaped like stars.   Not only does it look good,  it tastes good too!

The other favorites were not left out either.  Snorlax fans can order a steak accompanied by rice and vegetables and Eevee is also featured.  The theme doesn’t stop at the food with Pokémon inspired lattes to be sipped and a great atmosphere to be enjoyed.

Dessert À La Pokémon

For those of us with a sweet tooth, the dessert menu is a real treat!  It combines fresh ingredients with a great visual experience.  The selection ranges from the Pikachu pudding served with fresh fruit right through to a wide selection of Pokémon pancakes.  There was something for everyone but it was the chocolate lovers who were the real winners here.

Eevee’s Sweet Chocolate Parfait is the bestselling desert and it is not hard to see why.  Eevee’s tail is represented by the layers of cream.  The desert features coffee jelly and sweet and sour berries and it is all mingles with lashings of chocolate.  It’s a real tongue pleaser.

What would you order at the Pokémon Cafe?