Delivery Driver for Amazon Gets Best Holiday Surprise! ⋆

Delivery Driver for Amazon Gets Best Holiday Surprise!

Upon arriving at a home in Middletown, Delaware, an Amazon delivery driver found snacks left outside the door just for him. His reaction was pure joy!

Kathy Ouma/Facebook

Kathy Ouma, the homeowner, shared a video online of her doorbell being rung which captured the entire moment when the delivery man saw a container full of drinks and snakes that were left for him.

She shared her video on Facebook and explained that leaving the treats outside for the delivery driver is something she does every year. Her gesture is so wonderful at a time of year when everyone is flocking to the internet to buy Christmas presents.

Kathy explained that we all get to shop without ever leaving our homes but it leaves these delivery drivers rushing around to play Santa’s helper and ensure that everyone gets their packages in great condition and on time.

She knows this has to be a very stressful time of year for delivery drivers and this video is of Karim Earl Reed III an Amazon delivery driver. This gesture just proves that small acts of kindness can make all the difference in the world.

Kathy also posted a picture of the snakes she left which included Nutter Butters, crackers, Oreos, water, and fizzy drinks.

She also left a note:


Please take some teats to enjoy as you make your deliveries.

The Ouma Family

Cute Reation

After seeing the container, Karim did a double-take before setting down the package he was delivering.

Kathy Ouma/Facebook

Here realized there were no other people around but could not contain his delight. Out loud he exclaimed:

Oh, this is nice! Oh, we got some goodies! Wow!
Oh, this is neat! Oh Wow! Get Outta Here! This is sweet. Well, this is so nice!

His words were so heartwarming but then he made the scene even more wonderful by breaking out in dance after helping himself to some treats! If this doesn’t give you the Christmas Spirit, I have no idea what will!

Even though the video did not show if Karim forgot to drop off his delivery and she didn’t mention it on Facebook, we do assume he did make his delivery to his customer.

Kathy’s video has received over 234,000 shares since she posted it on December 2. Seeing Karim’s joy has inspired others on Facebook to also set up snacks for delivery drivers.

Kathy also added a message to the delivery driver on Facebook saying: “You are bringing millions of people joy!”

This story is so wonderful, it might just give you some ideas for brightening up the lives of delivery drivers during this time of year. They work hard, are under a great deal of stress to deliver packages on time, and deserve a little recognition!