Degrees Which Pay $100K – Majors Worth Investing In ⋆

Degrees Which Pay $100K – Majors Worth Investing In

Every year, thousands of prospective students apply to college. Many questions cross their minds – from tuition, through location, to social life. But perhaps the most important question of all remains – which major should you choose? A Bachelor’s degree will typically determine your career path. And through a Master’s degree, you’ll be able to further hone your skills and advance in your field of choice. So, what major should you choose?

The education sector is definitely experiencing a boom nowadays, with new campuses and online colleges springing up everywhere. It’s easy to get confused when trying to choose the right major, especially if you’re considering an online degree where the possibilities are endless. An important factor to consider, of course, is whether you’ll be able to get a well-paying job afterward.

And with the pressure of student loans, it can be even more confusing – should you choose the program that will get you hired quickly and guarantee you make big bucks? Or should you follow your heart and choose the more uncertain path that has always excited you? Bachelor’s degrees usually cause the most confusion since they represent the very first step. But Master’s degrees can also be difficult to figure out.

Students often get told that certain degree programs pay more. Particularly, degrees in specialized scientific fields get heralded as the ones to choose. Indeed, these degrees are often seen as more practical just for this reason. But is it really practical to choose a path you’re uninterested in and will grow to loathe?

This is especially true for those studying online. Since online education degrees are often more lenient with their admissions requirements, students are quick to select the prestigious science majors, forgetting that these will require loads of self-discipline and a genuine interest in the field. Many of these students will then end up dropping out, and even if they do manage to complete the program, they’ll be pursuing a career they’re not really passionate about. Therefore, pragmatically speaking, liberal arts program can be just as lucrative. There are many paths in this field where you’ll be easily earning $100k a month with a decade. And of course, you can pursue these through online schools too.

Here’s a list of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs that you should pursue if you want to make serious money after graduation. You can find various disciplines here, including social sciences, liberal arts, and hard sciences. And of course, your success ultimately depends on your interest in them:


Deregulation is where the world is headed – and the expertise of skilled economists is crucial in this transition. Analyzing market dynamics, predicting supply and demands, and guiding government policies are some of the ways in which economists make a difference.

International Relations

This is possibly one of the most versatile degrees out there since it combines history, economy, and law in an international context. IR graduates will find themselves working as journalists, strategists, and historians.

Petroleum Engineering

Oil prices are rising and countries are looking for alternative ways to extract oil and tap into oil reserves. There’s a definite boom in this industry and petroleum engineers are in high demand.

Computer Science

There’s no denying the importance of computers in our day-to-day lives. And the ones contributing to our ever-digitalizing world are the CS majors. There are countless fascinating subfields within this degree, from animation to artificial intelligence.


It may surprise you to learn just how valuable a degree in linguistics is. But in fact, this vast academic field covers communication and helps us understand how humans interact. Surely, this knowledge is applicable to countless disciplines.

Whether you’ve chosen your path or are still deciding, just remember that a shining salary is not the only factor to consider. Calmly list the majors you’d be interested in and take every aspect into account.

And if you’re still stuck, inspiration from celebrities might help.

  • Kanye West, for instance, recently received his Ph.D. from the Art Institute of Chicago after submitting a thesis relating to modern art. We’re sure Kim’s proud!
  • Rachel Maddow received the Rhodes Scholarship to pursue her doctorate in Political Science at Oxford University
  • And funny guy Rowan Atkinson actually studied Electrical Engineering at Newcastle University!