Dad's Simple But Powerful Bullying Lesson ⋆

Dad’s Simple But Powerful Bullying Lesson

An Arizona-based father’s response to his son’s hardships with bullying was simple yet revolutionary. After the video displaying how he handled the situation with his nine-year-old went viral, many are learning from his example.

The video – which has over 130,000 views and more coming every minute, by the way – was just three minutes long. Gilbert Irvine, the father, listens as his son Brodi shares how kids at school had made fun of him for his long hair, saying he looked like a girl.

Irvine responds first by telling Brodi that he thinks his hair is pretty rad which is adorable affirmation from father to son, but then he asks Brodi why it’s so long. “I want to donate it,” the boy responds, but being bullied for it still makes him “feel sad” despite the good cause, he confides.

And here’s where it gets real:

The large, tattooed father admits to his son, “Daddy gets made fun of sometimes too,” a confession many parents aren’t willing to make.

But what this glimpse into his dad’s life does for Brodi is it shows him he’s not alone in his struggle. Others get bullied too, even his awesome dad. Now, he can walk into school ready to help others who are bullied.

Bodi wraps up the video by noting that he believes that being different is a good thing as it means you think differently than other people which causes the tough, burly Irvine to begin tearing up!

Irvine never meant for this small, simple clip to explode like it did, but he’s happy to assist other parents in dealing with similar issues. “I hope they are inspired to be transparent with their kids about their own lives.

When you hear someone at school was mean, it’s natural to look to the school to solve it. Or tell your kids that you’ll solve it. Had I done that, I feel I would be robbing Bodi of an important life lesson. He’s stronger than he knows and he can solve this one himself.”

Irvine never meant to become such a popular dad, but now we’re all out here cheering him on and following his example!