Daddy Chronicles Wake the Internet ⋆

Daddy Chronicles Wake the Internet

Muhammed Nitoto, who lives in Los Angeles, has created an incredible post to help new dads know how they can support their spouses while they are breastfeeding.  As a new dad, himself, he decided to share his knowledge with other new dads on Facebook as well as uploading a picture of his wife and their new baby.

His advice covers just about all the bases to help dads support their partners who are going through their own difficult situations,  Many of his valuable tips will help couples from getting into arguments at a time when it’s totally unnecessary.

Feeding in the Middle of the Night:

When your partner gets up in the middle of the night, you should ask her if there is anything you can do to help out. More than likely, she will say no but, without saying so, she will greatly appreciate your offer!  The bottom line, like presents, it’s the thought that counts!

He also suggests that as a dad you take on one of the feeding sessions.  Your spouse is really taking care of everything at the expense of totally burning herself out if you don’t step in.  There will be times you need to make her sit down, relax, and stop worrying about the baby.  This is a very simple way to avoid arguments.

Never Set a Time Limit For Mom Breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding is not just about feeding, it’s the time mom needs to bond with her newborn baby.  There is no “set time” and dads need to understand that.  Muhammed said that a dad should NEVER, EVER rush this time.  It’s not your place to set a time limit and, without doubt, you will end up in a very heated fight if you try to!

Patience is of The Utmost Importance:

He points out to new dads that over the first few weeks you are just not as important to her as the baby, even if you both are excited to have him or her in your life. This time as a newborn will disappear faster than you can even imagine.  Babies grow up so fast and as they start to grow, your time with your baby will be right around the corner.

Take Paternity Leave If You Can:

As a new dad, you know making more money is really important with a new family member on the scene but not taking paternity leave, you will miss out on very valuable time with the new baby that you can never get back.

So many new dads are like fish out of water and feel like they need to be directed on what to do and what not to do. They sometimes feel that if they offer to help out with feeding, they are crossing some sacred line.

Muhammed fully understands this predicament but believes dads should do all they can to help their partners out at this time.  Just because she doesn’t ask for help, doesn’t me she doesn’t need it, actually, it’s quite the opposite.  In many cases, it’s becoming aware of your partner’s needs.

Muhammed’s excellent Daddy Chronicles is a must for all new dads who need to realize their important role when a baby comes into the world.  For dads that aren’t aware how they can help out their partners, you now have this excellent post that will give you so much valuable information and give you the support you need to be an excellent dad as well as an excellent partner!