Dad Supports Son in Most Creative Way

We all know that our family is, broadly, the ones who are there for us when we need them most. Our dads are always there to back us up, to keep us safe and to make sure we always have a shoulder to cry on and a pair of knuckled to rely on when the going gets tough. For Joel Thomas, though, he took the idea of fatherly support to a whole new level.

He got a tattoo in support of his son. Breaking away from all of the usual simple tattoos and general stereotypes, Joel got a tattoo of his son Landon. Landon had been the victim of a bonfire burn that really hurt his foot and his leg in general. It left Landon with some pretty major burns; he even had to wear some specialised compression socks to help the healing process get underway.

However, after the event he still wore long socks as he was so embarrassed and upset about the scars. Joe noticed that his son was struggling with the impact of the scars, and decided to show him that scars were nothing to be ashamed or fearful for. So, he got tattoos that exactly match the markings that Landon suffered from.

As an added touch, he had it done on TV, as part of the Ink Master TV series. He wanted to show that scars make you unique and different from the rest – never to be ostracized because of them. Indeed, he even got Landon’ initials put onto the tattoo just for that extra touch. If this isn’t one of the nicest things you have heard of a father doing for their son, then let us know because to us this is pretty damn awesome!

Apparently, it has stopped other kids from making jokes at his expense and stopped the stigma about the burns. Crucially, though, it has helped Landon to alter his perspective on the scars and, perhaps, he might even grow to embrace the originality that they afford him with. It looks excellent, and offers a very easy way for you to take things further in terms of making your own personality truly stand out.

Well done to Joel and well done to Landon; two very brave, honest people who will do a lot for helping others overcome their own uncertainties and anxieties about scarring

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