Dad Stops Monster From Abducting His Son

Fathers are, without doubt, some of the most protective people in the world. A true father would do anything for their children, and will leap to their own death if it meant saving their own children. It’s instinct; someone wants to hurt your kid? Then they will need to come through your first. Hell even if your kids deserve the trouble they get into, a father will go to war with anyone who wants to hurt them regardless of what they did.

In this particularly chilling tale from Indiana, though, we can safely say that only person is at blame – the monster who tried to abduct a young child. Admitting that he went into “beast mode” to deal with the scumbag assailant, the father found him trying to stuff his son into a duffle bag.

Ron Kraus was out with his son Ryker at the front yard just having a good time. They were enjoying his first birthday celebrations, having a great time – as you would on your sons first birthday. So, they are having a fine time when a man in a white t-shirt & grey camo shorts came over to the pair of them.

He asked if he could get some water, as his vehicle had overheated at the front of their driveway –  which seemed legit. So, Ron was more than happy to help the good fellow out and decided to head in doors to go and get the guy some water. As he was heading in, though, he seen the guy produce a duffle bag and then try to grab young Ryker and force him into the bag.

Flying into a fit of rage, Ron leapt into battle mode and struck the assailant on the head. When he believed he’d knocked the man out, he called the cops and took young Ryker inside to wait. Sadly, the weirdo had fled long before the cops could arrive but the local cops are still on the alert – if you live in Indiana, beware of any kind of tactic like this.

“I hope he gets caught. I hope that they’re able to take the information that we’ve given them and I hope that they stop him before he does it again,” Ron said.

Fair play to Ron; I don’t know how he managed to keep it down to a single attack. If someone tried to steal my dearest from me, I don’t know where I’d stop! He showed excellent maturity and restraint in the face of such horrifying danger.

As you can see from the video, he’s as calm as you could be in that kind of situation; little Ryker is just cutting around in the background, happy as can be. He’ll always be safe in life, we imagine, if he’s got someone like Ron cutting around – we salute you Ron, well done.

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