Dad Deals with Bully in Tremendous Way ⋆

Dad Deals with Bully in Tremendous Way

When you hear that your child is being bullied, the vengeful side of ourselves wants to lash out. To go and bully that kid – to bully their whole families. Thankfully, most people decide to go down a more diplomatic route; they decide to go down a more specific route that provides a better chance of redemption for all parties.

Manny Gutierrez is a well-known YouTube personality who has amassed a huge following thanks to his prominent work as a make-up artist online. Indeed, he was the first-ever man to be used as part of the Maybelline mascara platform – so, he knows what he’s talking about. Add in his infectious charisma and charm, and it’s easy to see why everyone loves Manny.

Well, nearly everyone. Eventually, someone by the name of Matt Walsh – a conservative-minded blogger – tweeted a photo of Gutierrez on January 6th, 2017, with the caption saying: “Dads, this is why you need to be there to raise your sons.”

Thankfully, Manny Sr. got involved and showed that he WAS there to raise his son and hoooo boy, is this a takedown and a half. His dad does not hold back, absolutely slamming Walsh and showing him that not everyone who has a father figure in life has to turn out to be some conservative or what Walsh perceives. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Manny asked his son to post the message to his followers:

His message of support drew huge amounts of positive response from his own followers, and many people began to come forward in support of Manny. People sent their love and affection – as well as recommending Mr. Gutierrez run for office – and showed that, in this world, we no longer stand by and tolerate such crass thinking.

Thankfully, people have more support than they ever had from the wider global community to combat such sordid opinion. Well done, Mr. Gutierrez; you’ve clearly raised a wonderful, talented son and your open-minded nature is so important to his personal and professional growth. We salute you both!