Craziest Kardashian Scandals of All Time ⋆

Craziest Kardashian Scandals of All Time

I don’t think you can find one person today who has not heard of the Kardashians. And you know you HAVE to find out what’s up with them now, right? These bits of news and scandals will amaze you. Really. Get ready to find out more about the Kardashians.

The Jordyn Woods Khloe Kardashian Drama

This is the latest scandal that is still taking the world by storm with new headlines every day, It all started out when news broke out the Kylie Jenner’s best friend (who also was living in her apartment) Jordyn Woods hooked up with Tristan Thompson (Khloe’s boyfriend and baby daddy).

Drama Drama Drama

As you can imagine it send the Kardashian family into a spin with most of the blame not going onto the serial cheater Tristan, but on 21-year-old model Woods who was kicked out of Kylie’s home and ousted from the family on both personal and business fronts.

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