This Couple Went Above and Beyond To Find Their Lost Dog ⋆

This Couple Went Above and Beyond To Find Their Lost Dog

We all know how much our pets mean to us; often, they are a pretty big extension on the family. So, when one of our pets go missing, we do as much as we possibly can to reach out and find them. We know that they are probably looking for us, so it’s always vital to return the favor and try get them back home. When Matt and Grace Newman-Hall lost their pet, though, Benny the Beagle, then, they done exactly that.

The hunt, though, became a bit more than you would expect. Most of the time, it’s hard to get the locals in your community to do more than send you well-wishes. Well, I think it’s safe to say that Matt, Grace and Benny got more help than they bargained for!

Alongside his buddy Spike, Benny goes for a walk every day with a dog walker to keep them both busy. So, they were taken out for their afternoon stroll…and it all went a big pear-shaped. This happened on April 6th, 2018. Benny decided that he wanted to go a bit further, broke off from the walker and made a beeline for the woods near Belmont Regional Park. When he got off, he was into one of the largest regional parks in the Wellington area. Now, that’s terrifying, and it left the poor walker in a state of panic. She looked and looked to no avail, and so she let Matt and Grace know.

A Worrying Change

A seemingly friendly and well-domesticated dog, they worried about how he would handle being out in the wild. Matt decided to sleep in the car for a few days out down at the parking lot at his last spot, hoping he would latch onto his scent and join him. It wasn’t to be.

They turned to social media, hoping that they could get some local community assistance from family and friends. They posted photo of his last known location and various other details, and the page quickly stormed across the web, getting shared at crazy rates. Over a thousand people took part in looking for Benny, in an incredible turn of events. However, with five days passed, and without any of his normal delicacies, they feared for his well-being.

The SPCA National Rescue Unit got involved, too, giving them some professional assistance in the hunt to find their beloved beagle. Before long, most of the Belmont Regional Park area had heard about this amazing dog, and most people were at least keeping an eye out for the little man.

Then it all changed. A massive storm hit, and Benny was now having to deal with the elements alongside the wilds he knew so little of.

The Next Stage

With the big guns called in, with the helicopters out, they pulled out the infrared technology and went to full expense to find Benny. After two hours of surveying it, they still had no trace of the little beagle. The fear was now growing that Benny may have been taken by accident, or worse.

Matt and Grace offered a $500 reward, hoping that the scent of cash might finally entice someone to come clean and give him back. With top-quality technology, over a thousand volunteers and nine days passed, it was looking pretty bleak.

Thankfully, two good friends of Matt and Grace, Alicia and Justin, got further involved. They took a final, extensive trip of the park to see if they could find the Beagle one last time. This time, though, they did find him!

Checking the deepest of ravines and the most challenging obstacles, they got to the top of a particular ravine and they decided that, with it looking very hard to traverse, it was worth a look. Most people would give up, but not these two.

As they reached the top of the ravine, there he was. The most delightful little dog, and only a few hundred feet from where he had originally escaped to in the first place. He just stood there, wagging his tail, fully unaware of the madness and fuss that he was caused. With his leash stuck on a log, he’d been enjoying some drinking water from the waterfall nearby and had got by just fine.

The couple snapped some photos of him, and they brought him home after a whopping THREE-HOUR journey back down. With a little dog who’s pretty good at escaping nearby, it makes sense to take it nice and slow, right!?

Amazing, right? He came out of it with a bit of weight loss, but with good hydration. He got some food slowly brought back into his life, and gained some of that lost weight. When he got home, he got to spend his first night with his two favourites humans once again – we all love a happy ending, don’t we?

Welcome home, Benny!


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