The Connection Between Heartburn Pills and Asthma That You Must Know About

Heartburn can be a major burden to all pregnant women, especially when they are sleeping at night. It keeps you awake, ruins your voice, and sometimes makes you burp which can be an inconvenience in public occasions. The best remedy for heartburn can be watching your diet, but obviously a good Prilosec or Nexium to kick the trick. Unfortunately, research has been showing that women who take heartburn medicine during their pregnancy can risk causing asthma for their babies in the future. Although it sounds strange, it definitely is something to look out for.


According to scientific research, women who had been taking heartburn medicine during their pregnancy had given birth to babies who could possibly have later developed asthma and a hard time breathing in general. The studies have been conducted by testing the effects of certain medications and how they affect the children’s lungs and their immune systems. From there on, they were able to make certain conclusions about what effects these pills have, and how mothers can stop the threat during pregnancy. Of course, the studies are not final, but it is definitely leading to some sort of conclusion in the future.


Take a look at the chart above, as this could be more of a help with possibly no risk during your pregnancy. GERD is not the only cause of acid reflux as there are many parts of your diet that could cause it as well. When you eat certain foods that are acidic such as tomatoes, oranges, alcohol, and chocolate, you are going to irritate your symptoms even more. So to protect your child from possibly getting asthma, eat the right kind of food and change your diet; hopefully one day your baby will thank you if in fact these fresh studies are deemed to be true.

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