Company Won't Airbrush Their Lingerie Models ⋆

Company Won’t Airbrush Their Lingerie Models

For some months now, American Eagle and their Lingerie sister company Aerie have been in the news media. When compared to other companies that are highly focused on portraying perfection, skinny, and sexy looks, the company is making significant contributions in improving body positivity and letting their models flaunt realistic body using their underwear lines.

From their official declaration, Aerie and American Eagle have made executive statements stating that they are not going to airbrush their models anymore – and the public is thrilled with this.

Lots of people are pleased with this idea of improving body positive images and acceptance of one’s body.

Keeping it real

With the addition of pushing body positivity all over their underwear campaigns, they are making it widely known that they are very much involved in the National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

They have no intention of encouraging women with eating disorders by having campaigns centered on those “perfectly” skinned women; instead, they showed off ladies that have a more realistic look. Aerie prefers to showcase how real-life women among us look like instead of the highly unfeasible looks that are “expected” of women.

You don’t need photoshop to look gorgeous

Aerie tries to portray that women can still appear stunning without the use of electronic and airbrushing tools in their line of underwear. Describing the real looks of a real woman including her curves and all flaws is what large chunk of women within the society will prefer seeing.

While making comparisons, there are companies like Victoria’s Secret who are more kin on making sure that every of their “Victoria’s Secret Angel’s” models adheres to their expectations of a perfect body, including the intensity of airbrushing and editing that is required to reach that level of perfection.

All Shapes And Sizes

Recently, Aerie and American Eagle have focused much on encouraging body positivity, and displaying that people of all sizes, shapes, and colors can still appear beautiful in their undergarments.

They later released a line of underwear for men with an overall campaign for body positivity centered all over it, showing men that are not that skinny, perfect smile kind of guys nor those with chiseled abs. In place of those ideal guys, they used men with hairier bodies, bearded, and more massive, like the average man you can find in our society.

Strong, beautiful you

Aside from the body positivity and promotion of one’s own body, Aerie is stepping up its game by lending help to the National Eating Disorder Awareness group. They created the beautiful t-shirt that states “Strong, Beautiful, ME” as displayed in the above picture.

All of the proceeds that are generated from the sales of these shirts go straight to the cause of the group. We all do hope to witness even a higher push on body positivity from American Eagle and Aerie in the nearest future!