Closing Your 'Parent of Baby' Chapter ⋆

Closing Your ‘Parent of Baby’ Chapter

Every parent recognizes that as far as kids and babies go, you’re finished.  That’s it, we’re done, it’s time to get rid of all of the toys, furniture, and clothing that have been a part of your interior décor for so long.

At first, it’s a sad realization.  You will never again carry your own little squirmy bundle of joy out of a hospital, never smell that unique new-baby smell of your own baby, never again be a part of all of the amazing growths and first steps of watching your baby discover his world, and never again wrestle a tiny human into a onesie when he definitely has other plans.

Closing this chapter on your life is sad, but it also opens a new chapter into your life, and most likely it’s a chapter you forgot that you even wanted to read before having babies.

The chapter covers more than just cleaning out the baby clutter and putting diaper changes behind you forever.  It’s about finally being able to do something you haven’t done in a long time; making plans for you and your family.

Less Uncertainty

Up until now, you’ve held off on family trips because you were pregnant.  Or thinking you were pregnant.  Or unsure if you would be cradling a newborn on that Caribbean Cruise you booked a year ago.  Suddenly, most of the unknowns and what-ifs are gone and you can finally make big plans from traveling to going back to work to just working out in general.

Obviously, you can’t plan for everything and there will be some unpredictable things in life.  Still, you will have the freedom to make up your own mind and plan out your own life’s journey after your last baby has grown big enough to enjoy life on his own tiny little feet.

You can plan exactly how old your kids will be before planning trips.  You know when you can pour yourself a cocktail.  You can plan car seats, airplane tickets, and hotel room beds.  You can look at your youngest child and schedule a trip that includes her while the rest of your kids enjoy it, too.

Balancing events and excursions is far simpler when you have a finite number of children and can calculate your needs around them.  Suddenly, it’s all possible:  Disneyland, hiking the Appalachian trail, beach vacations, and amusement parks.

Not only that, remember that person sitting across from you at the kitchen table?  Yes, that one.  Suddenly, your calendar is clear and you can finally have that romantic getaway to reconnect with your other half.

Cry into your onesie as you pack it away but understand that it’s more than the end of a chapter when you decide you are finished having kids. It’s the beginning of your new life.