The City That Dwarves New York ⋆

The City That Dwarves New York

As one of the most popular cities in the world, New York City brings people from all across the world to experience its unique and wonderful landscape. The city is a truly special place, with so much to do and see that makes it stand out from so many cities across the world. As the heartbeat of culture, commerce and community across most of the country, New York and other major cities like this tend to stand out from other parts of the world.

They are usually among the most visited cities in the world, their sheer size bringing people from all across the world. The ancient Asian nation of Myanmar, though, is the home to a city that makes New York look like a small village – yet many have never heard of it, nevermind had the chance to come and visit it.

Naypyidaw is a massive city, and is the capital of Myanmar. Its incredible size could apparently fit 120 Manhattan’ within the same landmass; incredible, right?

Made the capital a decade ago with the old capital of Yangon left behind out of nowhere, causing much consternation, Naypyidaw quickly rose to prominence. Despite its incredible size and the fact that so much land exists to be used, the city is actually close to being abandoned and empty. Even many locals had never heard of the town, with its incredible size and scale meaning that it should have been a landmark location – it was not.

It’s massive, imposing buildings and huge highways were built by a guess, essentially. There is very little known about the city, with it once just being miles upon miles of jungle land. Given the fact that Myanmar is under strict military control, too, getting any kind of reliable answer about why this city holds such precedence is nearly impossible.

Entirely off-limits to those from the West, it’s only possible to see approved tourist shots or government photos – further diluting credibility. Only government staff are seen working the streets from what can be seen, despite the fact the city is built with incredible, large households and amazing streets that are, for all intents and purposes, pointless.

The city itself cost countless billions to build, and it was designed to become a global metropolis – today, though, it is nothing more than a massive ghost town. The odd shots we do get to see of the city shows people walking around the highways, not driving!

While officials claim a population of around 1m, people are far more sceptical given the absolute emptiness of the city in images. While conspiracy theorists believe that it has a far more sinister reason for existence, proving this has become troublesome.

We might never know why a landmass so excessive in size could be so underused and poor utilized. Sadly, we might never know thanks to the hush-hush nature of the government and the strict anti-West policy that stops anyone from being able to prove the claims about the city.