Christmas Comes Early with Decorated Port Authority Buses ⋆

Christmas Comes Early with Decorated Port Authority Buses

What a wonderful way to spread the feeling of Christmas by decorating the port authority buses. Passengers who need to commute in the cold weather can at least have a feel of the season regardless of the ‘biting cold’ weather.

It is a great idea; the feedback from the passengers is a good one. They feel happy riding the bus to their destinations in the beautifully designed port buses. After spending a long day at work, it helps to take a ride in a ‘Christmas’ bus.

The port authority buses were designed with Christmas decorations by the bus drivers and maintenance crew. They worked hard to beautify the buses to make them look more attractive in line with the season. Parts of the buses have been wrapped in beautifully designed Christmas paper and bows. Inside the bus, the decoration includes stockings which have been carefully hung in areas where people will not have to bump into them while getting on the bus. So far, over half a dozen port authority buses have been decorated.

On the ground, the buses look even better. Imagine seeing the bus at night glowing with all its decorations moving through the city, it is a wonderful sight, spreading the joyful feeling of Christmas everywhere the driver goes.

The first time the buses passed by, everyone was excited. The Christmas decorations made people realize it was actually December and time to start making their plans for Christmas and the end of the year. Port authority riders all over the state have commended the efforts of the drivers to decorate their buses and put smiles on the faces of the passengers.

The buses were decorated last year. This trend will surely become a tradition every Christmas because of the happiness it gives all port riders who use these buses. Some drivers have indicated they plan to take more routes to ensure many people see the buses and get the warm feeling associated with Christmas regardless of their circumstances.

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