Choose An Airline By Its Food ⋆

Choose An Airline By Its Food

When we step foot on a plane, we are often full of dreams. Hopes. Ambitions. Desires. The imagination of what awaits during our journey is energizing in the extreme. Sadly, we’re often given a nice big punch of reality right in the face all thanks to the inability of airlines to make the food better than a stretch inside. Airline food is a bit of a weird development in that it’s kind of an industry within itself. Like a niche of food all of its own. Even for those fly often, though, airline food can be hard to keep up with

Let’s try and help you stay a bit more on track this year with a quick guide to how to make airline food a more enjoyable experience.

Virgin Airlines

We recommend that you look to use the $4-9 option, as their meals are a bit better. The snacks at the $3-5 range are poor, and we find their sandwich and salad options at the $4-9 choice to be a bit more palpable. First Class and/or Main Cabin Select often make this free, so you can benefit from a complementary meal otherwise.

United Airlines

You should often find that meals are complementary on all international flights. Any North American flight at coach class over two hours might also fall into this, and if not then snacks are $3.99-8.99. Flights over 3 ½ hours tend to give you access to meals like salads and sandwiches for up to $9.99.


JetBlue provide some decent complementary snacks and drinks in their economy class cabins, with most snacks costing you around $7 a pop for any flight over two hours. You can also get things like sandwiches and salads for around $4-12 on flights which are a bit longer. For transcontinental flights, you can often get much better selection via their Mint premium cabin.


Flights with Delta provide you with things like cookies and peanuts on most flights complimentary, as well as stuff like sandwiches and fruit or cheese plates for anything from $3.49 to $9.99. they also do a different range of drinks and also a host of different meals depending on the length of your flight in the first place.

American Airlines

With AA, you often get free snacks in economy class for all domestic flights, as well as free meals on flights between certain locations. Complimentary meals are also offered for US-Europe and US-Asia flights. Most of the time, you can also pick up snacks, sandwiches and other stuff from anything from $4-9.99.

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