Children Denied From Sending Christmas Cards - To Protect the Environment ⋆

Children Denied From Sending Christmas Cards – To Protect the Environment

It seems the headteacher of the primary school said the tradition is bad for the environment!


Jonathan Mason, the headteacher, has been labeled a “Grinch” after preventing students from sending out Christmas cards!  Jonathan Mason, head of Belton Lane Primary School located in Grantham, Lincolnshire said he believes the tradition is bad for the environment.

Parents, on the other hand, said the ban is not in the Christmas Spirit and accused Mr. Mason of “rank hypocrisy” after he announced his decision in a letter to all parents.  In his letter, Mr. Mason claims he was confronted by a number of children who are upset about the impact Christmas cards will have on the environment.  (Really?? Kids 4 to 11??)


He went on to say, if everyone sends out enough Christmas cards and they were placed side-by-side to each other, they would circumference the world 500 times. Then he went after the Christmas card manufacturers saying they are contributing to our ever-growing carbon emissions.

Therefore, in order to be environmentally friendly in school, we will not post a box for Christmas cards from this year forward.

He said, instead we encourage you to save your money and the environment by not sending cards to all the children in a class, individually, but instead if you want to send a card please send just one card to the whole class.  Then their teachers can post the cards in the classroom of other children for everyone to see.

Controversial Decision

One parent, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Daily Mail that “I know a few parents who are upset about this”.


Why should children have the joy of Christmas taken away from them? Why can’t all the cards just be recycled? Many people buy Christmas cards every year and I doubt it’s harming the environment!  Where is all the Christmas spirit in this?

Everyone knows we have to protect the environment but you are talking a few Christmas cards that go out once a year and are told the new rules written out on a piece of paper, that’s hypocrisy!

Hopefully, parents will boycott these people and Mr. Grinch and his Grinch-like plans and keep the tradition alive by letting children send out cards to their friends. And yes, they are all recyclable and even though the environmental issues are important, recyclable Christmas cards are not a massive problem to these issues.


Belton Lane Primary School is a blended mixture,  for 275 students between the ages of 4 to 11.  It has been rated as “good” in the latest Ofsted inspection.  Sky News has attempted to contact Mr. Mason for his comments.