Child Destroys Four Figures Worth of Make-up

When parents take their kids shopping, their generally adventurous nature can be a blessing as well as a curse. When a child gets a little bit too handy with the storefront, though, it can become a problem. While it makes it easy to pick up cool little gifts for our kids that they pick out when with you, it can have a negative side-effect in stories like this one.

When Brittney Nelson was shopping with her to a local Sephora, the make-up artist was out searching and shopping for something a bit different. However, when she went to check out the Make Up For Ever display, she found that it was trashed – the eye shadow and blush palettes were a mess. Remembering seeing a mother and child fleeing the shop at break-neck speed as she walked in, she put two and two together.

With over $1,300 worth of consoles more or less ruined and rendered totally unusable by one unruly child, there was immediate consternation. As you might imagine, the Facebook post that Britney threw up online soon had plenty of raging mothers weighing in. The fact that one of the top benefits of the store – being able to try products on at will – wouldn’t be possible here for a while was really frustrating.

Most likely, the child mistook the palettes for finger paints and when they weren’t what she thought, presumably she pressed a little bit too hard on each of them. How she managed to ruin them all one-by-one without realising is beyond us!

With each product priced at around $20 each, this was a hell of a lot of damage for the store to front up for a curious kid. Brittney herself has a 10-minutes maximum rule and makes sure that her kid keeps her hands in her pockets around stores like Sephora for these exact reasons. As others weighed in, in many cases parents would be made to pay for this – and that is a hell of a lot of money to be dishing out at this time of the year.

While many called the mother of the child “self-absorbed” for her inability to keep her child at bay, others were more defensive. While some could see that there’s no real way for most parents to just leave the kids at home while they go shopping, though, the all understood that parents needs to be more responsible and show their children the best way to behave in a store.

It’s a hard one to judge, so not really sure what to say or suggest. Do your best to keep your kids by your side…but kids will be kids, right? Most people are saying it’s not fair on Sephora, and that’s fair. But the difference between, say, the company losing $1,300 and a normal parent losing $1,300; who is more likely to be able to cover that cash shortfall?

We’re not saying companies should be held liable for all people’ mistakes in their store, but surely that’s part of the risk when you have a trial section like they do?

It’s a tough one to gauge, and nobody wins here.

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