Child Grabbed by a Lion, Saved by Tamer

For many people, watching TV shows and chat shows is often an easy way to start the day. You can learn about specific challenges in life that you might never have thought of.

You’ll see and hear amazing stories of escape and survival; or people doing everything they can to care for their kids and for their loved ones.

Live TV, though, is the place where unpredictability awaits and, often, TV shows will play out nothing like was intended. Car crash TV can be a lot of fun, but what happens when it gets a little out of hand?


On Con Sello de Mujer, a Mexican morning show, there were a variety of guests on the show. Among the guests was a young family, and also a lion tamer – who brought a little lion cub onto the show with them.

The show was going along just fine – until the lion grabbed the child by the foot. As you might imagine, everyone panicked – apart from its trainer. Simply telling the lion to “calm down, calm down”, he worked slowly with a tone of calmness that never alerted or upset the lion. The mother stayed calm, admirably in the face of such horror, and listened to the trainer.

By calming the lion down and keeping it from excess distress, they were able to help calm down both the little girl and the lion itself. They helped to get the lion to let go of the foot, and then calmed down the obviously scared little girl.

Thankfully, the child was totally safe and the lion was kept from harm, too. Everyone comes out the other side of this crazy story in the right manner. The lesson here, though, is not to go on TV if you know a lion is going to turn up on set – especially with your kids!

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