Celebs Who Found Love With Totally Ordinary People ⋆

Celebs Who Found Love With Totally Ordinary People

We tend to think, that to a celebrity, dating someone that is not in the Hollywood state-of-mind is a strong no-no. The couples on this list disprove that stereotype, showing that when you find the right one, love can cross any border. So yes, we all still have a chance.

These celebs found their significant others far from the Hollywood spotlight, and it’s beautiful to see!

Matt Damon and Bartender Luciana Barroso

As a beautiful bartender, I’m sure you get a lot of unwanted attention from the drunk guys at the bar. However, when bartender Luciana Barroso was doing her shift at a bar in Miami, she certainly was not going to turn down her customer. Yup, when Matt Damon hits on you, you know you’ve gotten lucky.

The “Good Will Hunting” star met his future wife when he was dragged out to a bar while filming “Stuck on You”. Turns out, it is Matt who feels like he has hit the jackpot, adorably claiming in an article “My wife is my soul mate. I can’t imagine being without her.” This gorgeous duo has been hitched since 2005 and are raising five daughters together. Looks like fairytales to happen in real life!