Guess the Celebrity: Yearbook Photo Vs. Today.

As young kids, these celebrities looked at themselves and were not happy. I believe they think differently today. So do we!
The miracle of puberty truly is one of a kind. Although everyone can agree it is painful to go through at the time, very often it’s the kind of transformative experience that takes an ugly duckling and turns them into a beautiful swan. So, for those of you that may still be going through it- there is hope yet!

Just check out this list if people, many of whom you will not recognize, who became some of the most beautiful, sexy and successful people in the business!

Who is she?

Can you believe that this little cherub face, with her little braids and flowy hair, and that rather awkward smile would one day become known for her impeccable style and grace?

Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift was definitely one cute child, but we have to admit it is hard to tell looking at this pic that she would blossom to become the award-winning, talented, and most idolized singer’s in the business that she is today.

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