13 Celebrity Phobias You Don’t Want to Know About

We tend to think that celebs are somewhat invincible, but at the end of the day, they are human just like us and also have some weird and wonderful fears that will make us stop and ask… wait what?!
This list of the strangest celeb phobias will have you questioning some of their sanity and appreciating that everyone has their quirks!

Megan Fox and Dry Paper


Yes, it is as unusual as it sounds. Meghan Fox cannot stand the feel, she revealed on Jimmy Fallon, “I just can’t stand it. Scripts, newspaper or anything that’s not laminated, I can’t touch it with my hands!

Water comes in handy

abednego setio/unsplash

But it gets even more bizarre when she does decide to pick up a novel with the feared paper before her, she sits with a glass of water next to her, so she can keep licking her fingers and doesn’t need to touch the paper with dry hands!