Celebrity Christmas Gifts To Blow Your Mind ⋆

Celebrity Christmas Gifts To Blow Your Mind

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth… and 300,000 dollars worth of presents. Let’s combine our two passions we have this time of the year – Celebrities and Christmas. They’re rich as heck, so they actually have bigger troubles when it comes to Christmas gifts. They have to surpass their previous gifts, and some of them need to surpass ex-spouses’ gifts as well. Oh, the agony!

Anyway, we’re not sure if having these problems is really that bad, but once you see these crazily expensive Christmas gifts, you might reconsider your wishes. So here’s a list of some of the gifts with the most outrageous price tags.


I dare you to watch this video and not shed a tear! Rapper T.I truly brought Christmas spirit to Target this year, when he walked in and announced that the tab for Christmas shopping is on him for all the single mothers.

Whatever You Like

Like the most stylish Santa ever, he spent around $20K on single mothers, announcing to the crowd: “All single mothers, if there’s anything you didn’t get for your children follow me”. He didn’t spare any expense and was happy to pick up the bill for gifts ranging from socks to electronics. If that isn’t a Christmas miracle I don’t know what is.

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