Celebrities With Weird Insurance Policies ⋆

Celebrities With Weird Insurance Policies

Most of us have some form of insurance when it comes to our most prized possessions, whether it be our homes, our jewelry, or our cars. Celebrities also insure their most prized possessions, but it works a little differently. From Kim Kardashian’s backside to Charlize Theron’s legs, they make sure the body parts that get them famous are insured, sometimes for millions!

Julia Roberts

Her smile has won over millions of hearts, Julia Roberts is one of the most vivacious and talented women on the Hollywood scene and it largely has to do with her cheeky grin.

Smile: $30 Million

This one isn’t actually as crazy as it sounds if you think about it, cavities, broken teeth and fillings are things that happen to all of us, so Roberts was thinking ahead when she put down one hefty sum on that winning smile of hers.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus/ Instagram

She may have calmed down in the last year or two and put her tongue back in her mouth, but there was a time not so long ago when Miley Cyrus’s tongue was the most famous since Kiss. So, it sort of makes sense that she would want t to insure it and insure it she did.

Tongue for $1 million


A source told Heat magazine about her decision to insure her tong for a million dollars “Miley’s totally aware of how her tongue is getting more headlines than she is, and getting it insured is just part of her trademarked image.”

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