Favorite Celebrities Turning 50 In 2018 ⋆

Favorite Celebrities Turning 50 In 2018

Turning fifty is a major landmark, and, to some, having lived for half a century is a feat while for others, the thought makes them want to have a pity party instead of a birthday one. But the fact is that fifty really isn’t quite that old, and you can be approaching fifty – or beyond it! – and still be amazing.

The year 2018 was a momentous birthday for some celebrities. Tons of big as well as some smaller names celebrated their fiftieth this year, so there’s quite a few to sing happy birthday to! Remember Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall from The Breakfast Club? Just sixteen-years-old when the movie was filmed, they both hit the half-a-century mark this year!

It’s always hard to tell how old celebrities are because they always look so good! Unfortunately, we can’t just cut them open and count the rings to figure it out, but we’ve noted all the others who celebrated turning fifty this year – like Owen Wilson, Naomi Watts, and Ashley Judd, for example – and took a look at each.

Ricki Lake

Ricki Lake loved to push the boundaries in her fifty years of life, and I’m sure she’s not done doing so yet. For one, at twenty-four, she was the youngest person to host a syndicated talk show!

Lake also appeared in the film Hairspray as Tracy Turnblatt. She joined the fifties club on September 21st.

Lucy Liu

We’re amazed at what Lucy Liu is doing as a fifty-year-old. Not only is she a producer and an actress, but also the mom of a toddler. Lucy, who turned fifty on December 2nd, isn’t just a badass on screen with her roles in Charlie’s Angel and Kill Bill; she’s doing some pretty crucial stuff behind the cameras, as well.

She’s currently starring as Dr. Watson in show Elementary and also just finished up directing season 2 premiere of popular superhero series Luke Cage which is set to be released sometime later this year. And if that isn’t enough, she’s an amazing mom to her son Rockwell, who was born via surrogate in 2015.

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