Celebrities and the Loved Ones They've Lost ⋆

Celebrities and the Loved Ones They’ve Lost

‘Everybody Hurts’ as R.E.M said, and as humans, we hurt with the people we love. Seeing them sad makes us sad, so we feel for them. When it’s someone we know, we can try and comfort them and help. But when it’s our beloved stars, all we can do is pray for them.

It’s much harder for them to cope with their loss, as they must keep up their public persona, but we can see that, can’t we? We just want to tell them to let go, and that it’s ok to cry and show your sadness.

Here are some of our favorite celebrities and the people they have lost. So shed a tear for them, but keep on smiling, because they try to.

Sofia Vergara misses her brother

A few years back, Modern Family’s’ star Sofia Vergara suffered a tragic loss when her brother was kidnapped and murdered in Colombia, where he lived. The tragedy happened in 1996, two years after Sofia moved to the US. The murder was related to drug lords in Colombia.

We’ve come to know Sofia as a funny and positive girl, laughing with her on shows like Family Guy, and Modern Family, and seeing her in films such as The Emoji Movie and others. We could have never guessed she was hiding this kind of sad story behind her beautiful face and amazing character.


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