Celebrities Who Got Married Secretly ⋆

Celebrities Who Got Married Secretly

Celebrities live in the public eye. They can’t escape it. Everyone wants to know what’s up with their favorite celebrity, even if that celebrity wants some peace and quiet. But they did get some peace and quiet on their big day! They married without anyone knowing about it at the time.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

It happened!! Miley Cyrus (26) and Liam Hemsworth (28) tied the knot in secret! There were rumors about their wedding, but then “our-house-is-on-fire” happened, so all plans were ruined.
Then, suddenly, on December 23, while we’re on our last shopping spree, these photos emerge of Liam and Cyrus cutting cake with “Mr & Mrs” balloons and lots of friends and family and a party going on.

What?! Wait

It all took place inside their home in Franklin, Tennessee.
There are talks about the validity of this wedding, but that is just because the media is not used to get the silent treatment from all-out-there Miley. But there it is!
So congratulations!!

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