Celebrating Easter Creatively With Kids ⋆

Celebrating Easter Creatively With Kids

As Spring arrives so does Easter and no matter how old your kids are taking time out to celebrate and make memories is what the festival is all about.  There are many ways to celebrate the holiday and they don’t all have to be religious.  Cooking great meals, making treats, there are many ways to get into the spirit of things.  Here are 7 of our favorites:

#1 Coloring Easter Eggs

Using dye to color Easter eggs is a great tradition and you can vary it by trying all sorts of unique ways each year.  You can even organize votes for the best eggs.  Some love the old style traditional method using food colors, some really like the marbled eggs.  Maybe the kids could come up with some ideas of their own?  It could get messy, but it will make some great Easter memories.

#2 Join a Community Easter Egg Hunt

Community events are not just great fun, they are also a wonderful way to meet up with friends or neighbors.  Make sure to invite other people along and bring a camera to immortalize the day.  It is always great to have photos of happy times to look back on.

#3 Play Some Easter Egg Games

You can add some games to your Easter egg hunt for even more fun.  Keep it themed by adding things like egg tossing, egg rolls or an egg and spoon race.  Encourage your children to create some new games.  This is a good way to get older kids involved – get them to teach the younger children how to play.  Make it an annual event by involving many friends and neighbors.

#4 Visit with the Easter Bunny

Many malls have an Easter Bunny in residence and these are great fun to visit.  Some areas have an Easter Bunny Express Train for parents and children to ride.  Again, the more the merrier so why not invite other parents along?  Again, take a camera to capture all the happy smiles.

#5 Bake Some Resurrection Buns

Resurrection buns make a tasty breakfast treat over Easter.  They are fun to make and because there is nothing inside it is also a way of sharing the message of Easter.

#6 Tell the Easter Story

 There are many ways to do this.  You could just tell your children the story from memory, adding your own unique feel to a family gathering.  Alternatively, there are many children’s books that take the story straight from the Bible.

Watching Easter movies is also a great way of spending time together.  It is all about creating a family tradition that will be a loved part of your life for many years to come.

#7 Attend Church Together

If you are not a regular cchurchgoerand you want to find your family a church now is a brilliant time to look.  There are many ways to find the perfect ‘home church’ but start with word of mouth recommendations. A local newspaper is also a good place to look and often gives a little more information eg., times and types of services on offer.

Sometime churches meet in locations other than traditional church buildings so be sure to look out for gatherings in local schools and community halls.  Make a list of what you want to find – do you want kids programs, a youth activity group, support for single parents?

All this will hep you find the perfect church for you and your family where you can celebrate Easter for many years to come.