Cardi B And Offset Spend Christmas Together ⋆

Cardi B And Offset Spend Christmas Together

The holiday season is here again, and it is a time to be with your family and loved ones. We have been following the drama between Cardi B and Offset, it didn’t look good at first. The cheating rumors were confirmed, and Cardi B has not been in a ‘good place’ with Offset. However, we have news they will be together for Christmas.

Let’s start from the recent drama; Cardi B’s show was curtly interrupted by Offset. He pulled a stunt to apologize to her in front of a massive crowd. Cardi B turns around and suddenly, her crew and other strangers are moving boxes on the stage. After a few seconds, they formed the words “Please take me back.” Offset comes on stage with what looks like a huge cake, and starts apologizing to Cardi B. The scene was hilarious; the crowd went wild.

However, when the fever died down, there were so many mixed reactions about the whole issue. Everyone thinks Offset took advantage of the show, embarrassed Cardi B and others say he is trying to make it impossible for her to refuse his apologies. Think about it; Cardi B won’t be happy is she is coerced to forgive Offset and accept him back. It has to come from her heart.

So, Offset has got his ‘foot in the door.’ He has a chance to spend time with his family this Christmas. While Cardi B has not confirmed it is a total reconciliation, we agree her decision is best for their daughter culture. This will be her first Christmas, and she should spend it with both parents. Offset can also use this opportunity to convince Cardi B that he will not make the same mistakes again.

Offset has been trying to get Cardi B’s attention for a long time. She seems smart though, rather than allow herself to be distracted by her man’s bad behavior; Cardi B has remained focused on her career. As we all know, this is a time of countless shows and gigs; at the peak of her career, Cardi has a lot going for her.


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According to close sources, it was offset’s idea to spend the holiday together. We think it was decent of Cardi B to consider this offer; this means putting her daughter first regardless of how she still feels about the betrayal. One thing is certain, there are no known moves to get a divorce yet, so maybe Cardi B just needs some more time to cool off.

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Offset has told his friends and fans he is sorry for the poor decisions he made and he needs another chance to set things right. We know Offset is crazy about his wife and daughter, but the life of an entertainer is surely going to face many trials. So far, it has been a trying period for Cardi B who has tried to be strong through it all. She has posted many messages on social media addressing the issue of cheating men, while Cardi B tries to have fun, we did not fail to spot the signs, she truly cares about her marriage to Offset, and this betrayal was a big blow. Well, Offset continues to deny he didn’t sleep with the other girl; he has the entire holiday to convince Cardi B. If you ask me, I want to see these two together again.

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