Captain Marvel To Feature Stan Lee Tribute ⋆

Captain Marvel To Feature Stan Lee Tribute

For many, the guru of comic book writing was Stan Lee. His creative mind, his amazing personas and his ability to weave together unbelievable storylines was a true gift. The man was an essential part of not only comics, but fiction in general.

He’s probably one of the most important people in comic book history, if not creative history. Look at the legacy the great man left – it’s only fitting, then, that his legend continues to appear in all forms of Marvel content. Indeed, it sounds like the latest Marvel blockbuster, Captain Marvel, will have a nice Stan Lee moment included.

It’s only set to be a few seconds long, but it’s going to feel extra special to see Stan Lee appearing once again on the big screen. His cameos, from selling the Spider-Man costumes in Into the Spiderverse to his various cameos in the likes of Iron Man and The Avengers, has always been a treat of these movies.

Sadly, this is probably the last live-action film to ever feature Stan Lee. He could appear posthumously in some of the animated movies which look to be growing in popularity, though nothing is confirmed. This, though, is the last role that the legendary 95-year-old will appear in on the big screen.

Really Emotional

Speaking about the role with the Metro, directors Anna Bouden and Ryan Fleck said: “I don’t want to say anything I’m not supposed to say, but just that it was…we did want to kind of have a moment and tribute to Stan Lee in this movie, obviously.

“It was something that came from Marvel and when they showed it to us, there was not a dry eye in the house. It was really emotional.”

Stan Lee is an absolute legend. Anyone who disputes that is a fool. He’s among the greatest minds of our time. Think about all the little kids in the world who were inspired by his works – and artists who were also inspired.

The creativity that he has helped to form and develop, not least the social development brought on by his works, is literally a life-changing experience for so many people. I know myself the influence that Mr. Lee had on me, and I know many others who feel the same. I never had the pleasure of meeting the man, but it’s great to see him so fondly remembered.

I’m sure that his name will live on in the annals of time forever. He’s a truly special person, and one of the most humble and caring men that you could ever come across in the media. You see the way that he acted, with the humble nature and the kindness for all, and it’s easy to see why his loss was such a blow to not only the comic book industry, but the entire world.

RIP Stan Lee – still gutted he isn’t part of this world. Everything feels like it’s on the precipice of disaster at times: masterminds like Stan Lee reminded us that, in some universes at least, there’s people willing to step up and save the world.