Can Your Phone Make You a Better Parent? ⋆

Can Your Phone Make You a Better Parent?

As a parent in the modern world of technology, it’s so easy to feel worried. Technology is taking over so much of our lives, are we really comfortable bringing children into a world that’s so tec-heavy?

More importantly, are you really comfortable with spending all of that time sitting on your phone when you could be spending time with your kids? Before you start scalding yourself for spending too much on your Samsung, though, take the time to look at how a phone could actually help your kids.

Stay on top of household tasks

One major benefit of using your phone a lot as a parent is that you soon take total control of your average household task. You will be able to plan out things like shopping lists, calendars for school events, and make sure that you don’t miss crucial appointments for everything from the school to the dentist.

You will be able to structure your shopping, too, helping you to avoid wasting money you don’t have.

Always have something sentimental on-hand

When we used to just have photos in our wallets or purses, we’d have a quick photo to look at to remind us of our kids. Now, you have a portable photo album. Always keep some photos of those who mean the most to you on your phone.

It’s a great way to remember small but significant family days out, and to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed at work. Now, when you get home, you can remember why you go through so much stress at work!

Lead the way for your children

Also, using your phone as a parent allows you to show your kids how they could/should be using their own mobile devices. It helps you to set in foundation good digital habits for making sure your kids aren’t going to become too reliant on them. Police yourself, and you will make it easier for your kids to see what is and is not acceptable.

Learn more and help your kids

Another important part of using your phone to be a better parent is to help your kids learn. If your kids ask you about complex mathematics, for example, you might not have a clue about what your kids are asking you about. With a smartphone, you can get a ready-made answer for them to follow along with and learn from.

It’s a great way to make sure you can still contribute to education for your young one as they grow.

Don’t lose out on life

Remember, you are a person as well. Yes, the kids are your life: but you had a life pre-kids, and you should have a life afterward as well. Your phone helps you to stay in touch with friends and family who, if it were up to chance meetings on the street, you would never speak to again.

Don’t let your smartphone become your only connection to those around you, but use it to make sure those relationships that you cherish most don’t become a thing of the past.