But Mom Said I Can! - Different Parenting Styles ⋆

But Mom Said I Can! – Different Parenting Styles

Moms and dads are different. You have a different parenting style than your spouse. Every parent at some point is going to have to deal with saying no when the other says yes. This is just one of the many situations that parents find themselves in that contradict each other.

While it may be an aspect of life, it’s also confusing for any child who has to go through it. They can also try to take advantage of the situation by trying to pit two parents against each other.

Children can be very cunning when it comes to getting what they want. You were too, and it’s essential that we understand that this isn’t something that’s isolated to just one child.

Being firm is important

Let’s be honest and say that every parent tries to be firm when it comes to the rules they put in place. Rules were meant to be broken. You know how big of a rebel you felt like when breaking the rules.

You should expect your child to wiggle out of the rules whenever possible. What you don’t want to do is to appear to change the rules constantly. Instead, try to meet them in the middle. Your husband said they were allowed to eat ice cream after dinner? How about a cookie instead? They’re pretty good and homemade.

You also have to understand that your spouse may be in the dark about what happened during the day. Lunch may have been overly filling, and ice cream is just too much after dinner. It’s not their fault they don’t know what you ate for lunch.

Leave a little wiggle room

Your wife said it was okay that they played video games and you wanted a little family time. What do you do? You compromise. Maybe there’s a video game the entire family can play.

Sure, it’s going to suck a little for your kid to have to play games with you. After all, you’re probably not all that good at playing video games. The way you plan for times like these is by buying at least one video game that the entire family can play.

The entire family can play games such as Monopoly on a gaming console. Go to wherever they sell video games and ask what nonviolent family-friendly games they have. There should be at least a couple that the entire family can enjoy.

Don’t let it get into a heated argument

Parents have differing opinions on many things. You shouldn’t allow things to lead to an argument. Instead, allow things to work out. Couples always have disagreements, but most of them aren’t a reason for a nuclear meltdown.

Marriage and parenting require quite a bit of patience and you either learn that in the beginning or end up in a pretty bad place. As Garfield would say, don’t sweat the small stuff. Always try to be consistent when it comes to parenting.

If you are, then your child should know your answer long before you give it.