Breathtaking Tree Cathedral In New Zealand! ⋆

Breathtaking Tree Cathedral In New Zealand!

Cathedral architecture has played a significant part in our rich past throughout Europe.  Their very ornate, towering structures have drawn people from far and wide to glance at some of the most amazing work in the entire world.

Now, there is a new cathedral in New Zealand that has captured the attention of people from everywhere.

Barry Cox is a resident of New Zealand and has received well-deserved recognition for his masterpiece that took him four years to complete.  His glorious tree church was inspired by his upbringing in a Catholic family where he believed one day he would be the Pope.

After growing into an adult, Barry discovered that his true passion was not to become the Pope but for gardening.  Somewhere he realized his love for gardening combined with his love for the church, would take him in a new direction by creating this breathtaking masterpiece.

Using his skills as an architecture of landscaping, he decided to build a living, breathing, tree cathedral!

His Living Tree Cathedral:

He took three acres of land and devoted four years creating what became one of New Zealand’s most sought after religious destinations.  People come from far and wide to see this masterpiece which Cox said was well worth his hard work and dedication.

His years of hard work created a vision that makes you feel like you discovered something remarkable in the heart of nature.  The site is constructed entirely of trees and other plants and as you view this tree cathedral, beautiful kaleidoscopic sunlight dances through the foliage.

His Labyrinth Garden:

While designing this awesome cathedral, he created a beautiful garden with vibrant splashes of color and his historical labyrinth.

Although it was originally designed as his personal shrine, the breathtaking, multi-color plants and winding mazes circling through a centerpiece of water has become a very popular location for weddings and for meditation.

While viewing this masterpiece, there is no wonder why it draws so many people.

No matter if you are a faithful Catholic or just want to relax surrounded by splendid nature, his tree cathedral is the best place to visit.  You can easily step outside your private world and experience something that you have never seen before and probably won’t see anywhere else.

You should go to New Zealand and visit this serene, tranquil place that honors nature and will give you such a feeling of total peace.