BFF's: Neighbors Help Sick Farmer Harvest Cotton Fields ⋆

BFF’s: Neighbors Help Sick Farmer Harvest Cotton Fields

The life you live will determine how people treat you over time. When you see hundreds of people coming out to volunteer for free, you know the person involved is special. A touching story from Texas, the farmer Greg Bishop, has been battling cancer and his cotton farms needed harvesting. It was impossible for Greg to manage because of his health. But the neighbors came to the rescue.

Greg Bishop was diagnosed with leukemia and had been undergoing chemotherapy. In the town, the story is that Greg would always be the first to volunteer when other people needed help. He has such a nice personality. So we are not surprised that so many people came out to help in his time of need.

Greg’s cotton field covered an area of 1,200 acres; the location in Floyd County. When the word got out that Greg could not harvest his field, neighbors brought in their tools and equipment to do the job. In a few hours, the cotton was harvested and ready to be ginned. When asked why they helped, many people mentioned that Greg had helped them in one way or the other and inspired them by his positive attitude about life generally.

Greg Bishop had lived in the county for many years. He had friends in that place who had known him for about twenty-five years. In touching messages of thanks and encouragement, volunteers talked about how nice Greg was and why they were willing to help for free.

The harvest was a smooth process. Some volunteers brought in sophisticated equipment which made the work easier and well done. There were so many donations offers from local companies who wanted to give the team harvesting Greg’s cotton fuel. However, there was no need for all that because they had everything that was needed to complete the job. Hendricks, a close friend of Greg, mentioned that people came from as far as 100 miles to help. They had to turn back some volunteers when they workforce was adequate.

Greg couldn’t believe what they did for him. Since this happened, Greg has been in a great mood, which is good for his mental wellbeing during this trying period. He is scheduled to undergo a bone marrow transplant. And guess what, there have been so many volunteers who want to know if they can donate their bone marrow to Greg. We hope a match will be found and plans for this medical procedure will commence soon. These stories are so heart-warming. They are a source of encouragement to others, if more people read these stories of selfless help, they can have a change of heart, and our headlines will feature more wonderful stories similar to Greg Bishop’s experience.

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