BFF's: Ingo the Dog and His Owl Companions ⋆

BFF’s: Ingo the Dog and His Owl Companions

Dogs are naturally the best thing about this planet, right? It’s more or less a fact, we think. They are among the most loyal and awesome animals on the planet but often are derided for being ‘dumb’ when, frankly, that’s absolute garbage. If you ever need the purest example of how smart and intelligent dogs can be, take a look at Ingo.

Ingo is among the coolest dogs that I’ve ever seen. He’s a stunning Belgian Shepherd and is a very smart and intellectual dog. That being said, he’s also a very friendly and sociable dog. For example, he’s made friends with some owls, namely little Napoleon, or Poldi, who is a little owlet. They get on like a house on hire, and hang around with each other all the time.

It might be an odd couple to come together, but Poldi has come to rely on the big Belgian Shepherd for more than just friendship. Ingo, ever the genius, is more than happy to help little nocturnal pal out whenever he can!

Poldi had struggled to really grasp the concept of being free. After hatching after his brothers and sisters, he’s a bit behind in his development. Therefore, he’s a bit more likely to find himself in trouble – so he turned to the loveable Ingo to see if our #1 dog would be happy to help him out.

Take a look at some of the awesome photos captured by Tanja Brant, a tremendous German photographer. She’s found that Ingo is majorly protective of his little friend, looking to defend his pocket-sized buddy. Since Ingo is actually from a line of very successful police dogs, he’s more than used to doing his but for those who are less off and, thanks to his kindness, the two have formed a pretty special relationship together.

You can find all manner of awesome snaps from Tanja online, showing this dynamic duo hanging around and having the most tremendous time together. As a massive animal lover herself, Tanja loves to help animals show their best side to the world. Taking a look at her range of beautiful shots of the pair, it’s pretty easy to see why so many people have become attached to this amazing little duo of animals!

The two actually have their own families who look after them, but it’s become known to the owners of both that they share this special bond. So, awesomely, the owners of both Poldi and Ingo go out of their way to help them hang around together and just have a joyous little experience as one.

From playing a tiny game of chess together to just rolling around in the wild, through to using Ingo as a launch pad for his flight, the little duo will sure to be friends for years to come – with Tanja helping us all enjoy their tremendous story!

What is the oddest mixture of animals hanging around that you have seen in the world?

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