Best Wish List Letters for Santa ⋆

Best Wish List Letters for Santa

Christmas is here! I am sure that you all will be so excited to enjoy this time to the fullest but the people who are more excited about Christmas are our little ones who are anxiously waiting for the Santa to bring their gifts while they are asleep.

However, like every year on Christmas, this year too, the kids again wrote their hearts out to the Santa and the letter are surely going to make you say “Awwwww”.

So, guys get ready to read a range of funny and cute letters and I am sure these will crack a smile on your face just like the Santas.

1-  The list goes on and on

The kid has one big list which is going to be very expensive on Santa for sure. But well, you know kids. However, this one is extremely funny.

Just look at his last wish for a “ new president” how funny and decent it is. Santa surely had a good laugh after reading this letter.