Best Vintage Ads With A Twist ⋆

Best Vintage Ads With A Twist

Shave Yourself

Start ‘em young, aye? We cannot think a single reason why a baby should be handling a shaving razor, in this case, a safety razor. Furthermore, the baby has shaving cream, indicating the wee one is about to imitate father dearest. If their intended message was for “smooth as a baby’s bottom” they should have gone with a different visual, surely.

Drink Cola Before Teething

We have to put into question what these “laboratory tests over the last few years” were. Today, it’s obvious carbonated soft drinks (fizzy drinks, soda pop) aren’t good for your health, particularly for children. This is due to the over-consumption of sugar-sweetened soft drinks being associated with obesity and other health issues such as low nutrient levels.

It’s crazy to think the health claims companies made when they had less accountability for their assertions. This is one change we can all agree the government got right.

We live in a highly globalized environment today with advertisements wherever we venture, both online and offline. Before the age of the internet, and prior to televisions becoming a household staple, advertisements featured mainly in newspapers and in magazines, and later as direct mail.

Some of these advertisements are so unusual to what we can expect to see today, they will leave you startled, and in other cases, they will leave you laughing out loud. Yet more will leave you scratching your head and wondering what the advertiser ever thought. See our collection of the best and worst of vintage advertisements for your perusal

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