The Best Valentine’s Day Doggy Treats

For anyone looking forward to the 14th, you’ll be aware of how nerve-wracking this can all be. Trying to find gifts for that special someone in life can be tough work; it takes a lot of effort to get it right. You could always just go for the classy flowers/fragrance/chocolates/teddy bear combo, of course. However, for anyone trying to really impress their partner this year it can be quite tough to be more specific.

For example, my partner’ birthday falls a few short days before Valentine’s, and my birthday a few short days after. Trying to think of awesome gifts for Christmas, birthday and Valentine’s within about 6 weeks of each other is tough work, for both of us!

However, given that neither of us have kids, we also need to use Valentine’ Day to help promote a little love for our “baby” in our dog. So, if you are like us and you have a canine at home who feels a little loveless at the moment, you could cheer them right up with these fantastic Valentine’s Day strawberry gummy dog treats. They are the work of YouTube superstars Gone to the Snow Dogs, and is one of the best places to start to get a little canine treat that your dog is going to adore.

The treats themselves take a matter of minutes to make, and only need about 3-4 ingredients to pull off. Given the quickness and the ease of making them taste so awesome, you should have no problems at all giving your dogs a little gummy treat to enjoy this year. If Valentine’s Day is a day of love, you ought to want to share that with your dog, right?

To start off with, then, you need to get yourself:

  • A cup-full of diced up, pre-cut strawberries. Or, get some strawberries and dice ‘em yourself. Your choice.
  • Then, pour them from the cup they are in now into a cup measure. Once you do that, fill the cup measure with water. Fill it up to about half – the 1-cup line on most cases.
  • So, now you need to take the water and the diced strawberries and chuck ‘em into a blender. Throw them into the blende, dice it and allow it to become like a fine strawberry juice drink.
  • Now, you’ll also need 3-4 packs of unflavoured gelatine; like in the video, we recommend you use Knox. Good quality.
  • Now, heat up some water on a pan on a low to medium heat. Now you need to spend some time mixing and whisking away until it’s all just a big watery mix
  • Pour in the strawberry juice, whisk it all in and then pour it back into the one-cup mixture.
  • Get a heart-shaped silicone tray that allows you to pour in mixtures to make a particular shape. Obviously, it’s Valentine’s day, so give the dogs a treat to enjoy!
  • Pour in the mixture, and then put them in the fridge for 3-4 hours – but best of all, go for it overnight. This delivers the best finish.
  • At the end, you should be left with some awesome heart-shaped gummies for the doggies to enjoy.

Simply let your dog(s) chew down on the treats and watch as they chew them up and have the time of their lives eating them over and over again. Awesome, right?



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