Best Selling Car In Britain? The Cozy Coupe ⋆

Best Selling Car In Britain? The Cozy Coupe

When it comes to the British, one of their most commonly known attributes is their love of cars. Cars are one of the major imports into the UK, and they have a long history of producing fine cars themselves. Go to any housing estate in the UK, and you will find plenty of cars sitting in the driveways of every home.

Put simply, people love to park up and drive around in the UK: it’s one of the most common things expected of someone in the UK when traveling. In fact, if you aren’t able to drive, you’ll probably draw a few funny glances from friends. However, what is the best selling car in the United Kingdom? You’d be surprised.

Is it a Mercedes? No. Is it a BMW? Nope. It’s actually the Cozy Coupe, the little car that you see so many kids running around the street in. Powered by their minds as much as their feet, these little cars are the top selling vehicle brand in the UK. That’s outrageous, right?

Given it’s not got an engine, it makes sense why parents have no problems in picking one up for their kids. With 1 in 3 kids in the UK now ‘driving’ their Crazy Coupe, it’s easy to see why it has become so popular. Indeed, with car sales dropping through the floor for actual cars, it’s easy to see why these little toy cars are becoming the market leader.

Is this a sustainable selling point?

As you might imagine, Crazy Coupe manufacturers must be jumping for joy. With around 160,000 of them sold in a single year, these cars are selling more than anything – including top brands from the likes of Ford and Kia. It’s quite interesting, as most people just presume that these little toy cars are rarely bought novelties. Depending on where you stay, though, you might find it hard to get around the street without banging into one of these little motors.

They are increasingly popular in suburban areas especially, where actual roads are becoming less and less of an issue. Don’t worry, we don’t think you’ll be seeing kids holding up traffic as they sit in their little Crazy Coupe on the motorway anytime soon. The fact that the market leader for car sales in the UK is a toy, though, just goes to say a lot about where Britain is at present.

Naturally, the country is a bit of a laughing stock globally. It’s comical political climate has left many outsiders wondering just what is going on. When you find out that toy cars are the biggest sellers in the whole country, though, it just adds an even more comical slant to the whole picture of the UK globally.

Hey, at least kids will be ready to jump into the seat of a car a little earlier than the generation previous. Unfortunately for them, the Crazy Coupe might be the only car available when the UK gets real about leaving the European Union.

Jokes aside, it’s an interesting analogy about the present position of the UK on most global matters.