Best Friendship Video You’ll See This Week

Without a doubt, one of the best things about sharing this planet with animals is seeing them come together. While we all scramble around starting wars over what God we celebrate and what kind of politics we think is right, animals just get on with it and enjoy their dog. Take this amazing footage of a dog playing with a polar bear, and you’ll see just how why animals are far less challenging to understand and love than a human.

This video is a perfect summary of just why animals have nothing like the same problems that we do. The video was captured in Manitoba, Canada, and shows the bear and the dog playing around together like they were family. It’s a fantastic clip, and reminds us just how easy it should be for us to get on regardless of where we come from.

If a dog and a bear can become friends like this, then surely we can get over any perceived problems we have with the world around us?

The person who took the shot explained how this amazing experience actually came to be.

”We were out looking for polar bears to photograph when we witnessed a polar approach a chained up sled dog outside of town.” He began.

”We nervously waited to see how the situation would unfold as there have been reports of polar bears killing dogs before.

”This bear seemed to genuinely want to play with his canine friend despite being overly strong and a bit rough.

”The dog came out of it unscathed and didn’t appear to mind the visit.

”The bear eventually continued on to look for food.”

What a cool shot, right? It shows you just how easy it is for animals to get along. If only we could find a way to adopt a similar stance as a species, we might be able to get away from being at each other’ throats while we go around destroying the environment in the process.

If you ever wonder why you can’t get on with someone, though, turn to this awesome video and remind yourself that is bear and dog can get on…anyone can get on!

Here you can watch another video of adorable bears playing with adorable dogs:

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