Best Decision She Ever Made: Hiring A Doula ⋆

Best Decision She Ever Made: Hiring A Doula

A woman, looking back at her second pregnancy, knew she wanted to make some changes including hiring a Doula for her delivery.  She said that there was no doubt that a Doula is incredibly valuable during the overall birthing experience.  She said that being a new mom is really hard when she thought back to her first pregnancy and not having a Doula was even more difficult.

She admitted that the first time around, she had absolutely no idea what she was in for during the labor. She had taken all her birthing classes and went to her doctor for all her set appointments but when it came to the delivery day, she said she walked into the hospital totally unprepared.

The second time around, she found her doula was the embodiment of everything she wanted in the hospital, especially when she was getting ready to give birth.  She was kind, warm, encouraging, and supportive.

When You Can’t Get An Epidural

Due to a back injury, she could not get an epidural during her first labor. She said the pain was absolutely unbearable and she had no alternative but to scream her head off for hours on end.  For the second birth, she decided to practice self-hypnosis and during labor, her doula was with her reciting her hypnosis prompts.

When her doctor insisting on Pitocin to induce labor, she wanted to wait until it was totally necessary and her doula agreed with her.  This woman was her walking, talking, real-life birth plan.  When her son was born, her doula helped her to breastfeed him for the first time and remembered to capture the moment on her camera. She went on to say that her doula was everything to her in so many ways and was ever so grateful she was there.

Her husband was also there through both deliveries and very grateful they had this wonderful doula with them. This relieved him of a great deal of pressure.  All he really had to do was be by her side, offering massages, and supporting her.

After the birth of her son, her doula would stop by to check in on her and see how she was doing.  Unlike her doctor and pediatrician, she was there to check on her as a mother, not a patient. She would ask how she was feeling, how she was hanging in there, and how she was adjusting to her newest member of the family.

Her mental health and happiness were her doula’s priorities and it felt wonderful knowing someone was looking out for her so she could concentrate totally on her new baby.  She constantly reminded her that she mattered, even during the first few crazy weeks after giving birth.

If you have considered hiring a doula to come into your home, this woman highly recommends you do so.  She also said that if a doula does not fit into your budget, there are doula students who will be available to help out and help them get their certifications.

It’s a win-win situation, they get their experience and you will get much-needed support.  She also added, when it comes to labor and the entire delivery process, you need all the support you can get!