Being in Nature Can Curb Your Cravings! ⋆

Being in Nature Can Curb Your Cravings!

What if you were to find out that spending time with nature could actually reduce some of your bad habits including alcohol, junk food, and smoking?

Wouldn’t it be worth your time to get outside and experience the wonders of nature?  Let’s see what recent research found at the University of Plymouth’s School of Psychology:

A recent study claims there is a connection between being out and about in nature and reducing your cravings for junk food, alcohol, and even cigarettes.

The report was published in the journal Health & Place, is the first study in showing a relationship between nature, cravings and even negative emotions.

Seeing Green leads to Greens?

Researchers conducted a study at the University of Plymouth’s School of Psychology.

They surveyed 149 participants between the ages of 21 and 65 regarding the connection between green spaces in their neighborhoods, pleasant views of surrounding nature, having access to a garden, and how often they visit these natural places.

The researchers asked several questions about participants’ experiences with anxiety and depression as well as having a need for alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and chocolate.  They rated the imagery, intensity, and intrusiveness of their overall cravings on an 11 point scale.

Researchers discovered that the presence of a natural, green environment decreased their cravings and the effect was most significant when more than 25% of the participants could view greenery.

For a long time, it has been well-known that people who experience outdoor activities in nature increases their overall well-being.  Leading author Leanne Martin believes there is an association between cravings and simply being around and viewing green places.

It’s believed this adds a new dimension to previous research done on the matter. Professor of psychology at the University of Plymouth, Dr. Sabine Pahl, believes that Martin’s work is significantly promising.

Cravings such as eating junk food, overindulging in alcohol consumption, and smoking leads to many health issues and bad behaviors.  These bad habits have added to many health challenges around the world.  These health issues include cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

There is evidence that it’s time you got out of our “concrete jungle” and took our family and friends to places that only nature can provide.  Between the fresh smell and clean air, our bodies will find a greater feeling of greater health and even clear our brains of stress.

You might want to reconsider and go on a hike into the forests, mountain areas, or visit your local park.  You might just find some of your bad habits are not as significant as you thought!