Daily Cuteness: Baby Hears For First Time!

For most of us, the things we feel in life such as our ability to hear often is taken for granted. If you have had a feeling all of your life, then losing that sense could be a deeply worrying issue to have. However, for a young child, the concept of being born without hearing is quite a worrying thing to contend with.

This amazing video, though, posted by Melissa Hyder, is a truly special experience. In truth, I’d never really thought about the emotional impact that gaining a sense you never actually had could have on someone. The idea of going blind, for example, fills me with dread – as does the idea of going deaf.

However, and this is my own naivety showing through, seeing people live without that skill since birth seems to be easier to deal with. I always thought that, given it’s something they never had, the missing issue – in this case, hearing – was something I hadn’t thought would be as big an issue. While I’m sure a deaf person would love to hear, I was foolish enough to believe they’d be able to handle it much better than someone who lost that ability.

This video of young baby Sayge, though, is hard to get through without the old misty eyes coming on. In just under 3 minutes, I challenge you to not find yourself on the verge of being a teetering wreck post-watch.

She gets her first custom-made hearing aid fitted on the day of the video, and her reaction is absolutely priceless. An adorably innocent looking kid, to begin with, her adorable and awesome reaction is entirely in fitting with what it would be like to gain something you never thought you would have.

Watch as her little face lights up like a Christmas display as she gets to enjoy the wonderment of being able to hear for the first time. I won’t even try and pretend that this one didn’t leave me struggling to do anything other than just sob and clap.

It’s a fantastic little video and perfect proof of the kind of positive change that we can see in people if we just give them the chance to embrace said change. Very much a video that I can recommend you take a look at it’s some pretty special viewing!

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