Baker Sculpts Giant Wedding Dress Cake ⋆

Baker Sculpts Giant Wedding Dress Cake

When it comes to weddings, newlyweds like to plan the smallest possible details in order to wow their guests. With every wedding the attend, they make sure to capture every single niche they will lay their eyes on, in order to make sure theirs is nothing like the ones they have been to.

This goes especially for brides and we understand them completely. What woman wouldn’t want to be remembered as the classiest, most original bride her guests have seen? So they go out of their merry way to make that happen.

From their dress styles to the catering, the food, the music, the decorations, brides like to put their own personal stamp on the symbols that will mark the greatest day of their lives. But the one thing that no bride will ever accept to be anything near ordinary is the wedding cake!

Some like them “naked”, others like them grand. We have seen edible flowers, fresh flowers, severed heads (made out of cake, obviously!), action figures, superhero insignia, even robots on these cakes.

But the ones that capture the most attention are the ones that look exactly like the dress that the bride wars on her wedding day.

Incredible amount of chocolate

One baker from Shenyang City in Liaoning Province, China, has made the wish of one very spendthrift bride come true by literally sculpting a life-size wedding dress cake.

We see him piling up layers after layers of vanilla sponge cake into a rough shape of a female figure, then grabbing a long, serrated knife and carving out the details on this edible mannequin.

After setting the final shape, he drapes chocolate fondant over the skirt of the dress as base, then decorates it with even more layers of the chocolate fondant arranged into frills.

He then starts decorating the corset part with more chocolate frills, before creating decadent, fine lace out of more chocolate! He even creates a bow out of the same fine lace and attaches it to the front of the dress.

That’s not all, because using some crisp white fondant, he hand-stamps dozens of white flowers of several shapes as sizes, to attach to the front of the dress.

He then finishes off his grandiose creation by dousing it with super fine strands of crystal clear caramel to serve as veil! Doesn’t it all look just so spectacular?

Man, our teeth hurt just by watching this clip!