Azaelia Banks Unfortunate Miscarriage



“Has anyone else had this same experience who cares to share some words of wisdom or words of anything regarding this topic?”

Today, Azealia Banks took to her Facebook page to announce probably one of the most traumatic experiences she has yet to experience during her career. Her announcement of a miscarriage garnered sympathy from her fans all around the world. Bank’s post has since been deleted, but the news has become relavant and more worthy than her controversial tweets.

After removing her Facebook post, probably due to shame and censorship. One person wrote to her that she should stop airing her dirty laundry, and Azealia responded by saying “Nobody else in my family has had that (referring to the miscarriage), and reading accounts on the web isn’t enough.” It seems to be that Azealia was looking more to spread a message about the dangers of pregnancy and miscarriages rather than seeking attention by sharing her devastation.

Banks went on to subliminaly message that neither she nor anyone should be ashamed of writing out their feelings and experiences.


“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” It seems to be that the tree falling in the forest is a metaphor to her miscarriage, and no one being there is those who she has not reached out to in her time of need. However, even after removing her post, many people came in to bash Banks for being open and vulnerable with her experience. She went on to write on her page “Trolls coming in, delete delete”. Banks’ post also recieved positive and warm feedback in which women came to write to her to meditate on the challenge, and be strong because she is not alone.

If you are unfamiliar with Azealia Banks, take a look at her famous song “212” obtaining more than 125,000,000 views on Youtube.

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