Awwww.... Earless Bunny Receives Amazing Alternative ⋆

Awwww…. Earless Bunny Receives Amazing Alternative

When we hear about an animal that is having a hard time, it’s obviously easy to empathize. We see these adorable, helpful little creatures and just want to help – even if we can’t. Take the sad story of little Mimi; the most adorable bunny who was born with no ears and with just three legs. However, life lets us find love in strange ways and, when Rodaijia Welch, 22, seen Mimi, she wanted to help her out.

“As soon as I saw Mimi I fell in love and couldn’t wait to take her home,” Welch stated.

Trying to find a name for her, though, became the solution to creating this most adorable story. Looking around for a name for the rabbit, Rodaijia’ boyfriend, Josh found the name Kmonomimi. This is a form of cosplay, where all characters have animal ears. A light-bulb moment came on and, alongside being named Mimi she would have her own little set of adorable crocheted ears!

“It was perfect because she didn’t have any ears and she could be whatever she wanted to be.” Rodaijia further explained. Now equipped with an awesome set of rabbit ears this little one can set about at least looking the part. They are awesome an obviously look really authentic at a quick glance, but, as Welch explains, “She lets me put them on her but for safety reasons I don’t tie them in a knot so if she wanted to, she could just knock them off pretty easy.”

Of course, Rodaijia even got quite experimental and created an awesome set of mouse-inspired ears – and even a cute little pumpkin-themed Halloween hat for the big time of year. Welch is also taking care of some of the family, as she is fostering the mother and siblings of Mimi until they are old enough to handle life on their own.

And, while social media can often feel like a bit of cesspit, the adorable comments that came in afterward were pretty endearing. The unanimous verdict was that, awesome ears or not, this bunny is one of the cutest little creatures you are likely to see this week, month or even year!


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