Awww... The Royal Family Sends Its Christmas Cards ⋆

Awww… The Royal Family Sends Its Christmas Cards

How many of you have been waiting for this photograph? Well, I have because I knew it was going to be different, we have witnessed three new births, and you all know how cute the little ones look in pictures.

This tradition has been on-going for as long as we can remember, the royal family set off the festive season with beautiful pictures at the end of the year. The Christmas photographs of the Royals for this year, 2018, feature the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their adorable children. The scene was set in natural background with trees and fallen leaves. The photographs were taken in the royal country home- The Anmer Hall, in Norfolk England.

I will say Princess Charlotte, the three-year-old daughter of Prince Charles and his wife Kate ‘stole the show.’ She looks so beautiful; other stars in this picture are her brothers Prince George, the growing baby Prince Louis, and their parents.

This Christmas card is in a class of its own. The simple looking settings and casual dressing of the royals still turned out looking classy in the end. As always, this picture was selected from a dozen others; it is quite obvious why the Duke and Duchess made this choice.

Prince Harry and his wife, the former Meghan Markle, released a glamorous black and white picture of them on their wedding night.

The photograph shows the couple, arms locked around each other’s waist, enjoying the fireworks show above a pond at the Frogmore House during their May 19 wedding reception.

We had our first look at the Christmas pictures on Friday. They were released by the royal family through the official social media account and the wire service. Other Christmas royal pictures for this year feature the Prince of Wales and Camilla, his wife. This photograph was taken in the royal garden at the Clarence House during the summer. The couple simply sat on a bench with lovely subtle smiles on their faces.

The Christmas photos released by the royal family this year show how remarkable the year was for Prince Charles and his growing family. He now has three grandchildren which add a unique twist to the growth of his family. You will recall that, after the passing of his wife, Lady Diana, it has always been Prince Charles, and his two sons, then he got married to Camilla.

The birth of Prince Louis added a new twist to the royal hierarchy; he became the fifth in line to the throne after their father and his elder brother Prince George. The royal succession seems adequately secured regardless of how the future turns out.

We absolutely love these royal photographs. As expected, there will be souvenirs and other products branded with this picture of the royals because they are so beautiful. Tourists and other citizens look forward to buying the branded souvenirs every year. However, we may not see a picture of Prince Harry and his new bride Meghan because she is expecting, but our fingers are crossed.

Christmas pictures are lovely, at the end of every year; many families are inspired by the royal family to have their Christmas pictures taken. These pictures find their way online via social media, and they look great. Think about it; there is hardly a red, white, and green themed picture that won’t look great. It helps to make people feel happy about the past year. You and your family are breathing regardless of the past, ending the year with a Christmas photograph is a great idea.

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