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Guess the Celebrity: Yearbook Photo Vs. Today.

The miracle of puberty truly is one of a kind. Although everyone can agree it is painful to go through at the time, very often it’s the kind of transformative experience that takes an ugly duckling and turns them into a beautiful...

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Hilarious Signs Found Only in Texas

Texas. The lone star state. Most known for… well, being Texas! And we like Texans and their sense of humor. You will also see some of the funniest El Arroyo signs we found. Those guys definitely know their stuff. So it...


The Unbelievable Story Of The Human Barbie

There is nothing more satisfying for little girls than playing with a beautiful Barbie doll. I remember my own experiences, brushing the perfect long blonde hair, changing from one glittery outfit to another, and of course...

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Hottest Mugshots of All Time

Not all mugshots are created equal, and while you would imagine the snap taken before you’re put behind prison bars is probably not the most flattering picture, this group of baddies may have broken the law, but they looked...