Artistic Grandmother Transforms Czech Village Into a Work of Art

After retirement – for most people in their 60s or 70s – the idea of having to lift another finger in earnest can feel like a real dream. For Anezka Kasparkova, though, of small Louka in the Czech Republic, sitting around wasn’t something she felt content to do. In fact, at the age of 90 she’s still working away doing amazing floral paintings – all across her town. She painted her entire village and turned it into a fantastic work of art!

Mentioned on the Elite Readers website, she helped to utterly transform the entire area and create a much more interesting, artistic town. It’s a small town, and she wanted to help use some old-school Moravian artwork as an inspiration to keep her talent going. The rest of the neighbourhood was relatively similar to where she lived, so she wanted to add a touch of extra charm and really make it stand out from other towns of similar size.

Painting on every little detail by herself, Anezka makes sure that every piece of floral finish makes the homes stand out like never before. The intense work that she puts in can make a huge difference, with every mural designed by hand and ensuring they are uniquely designed each and every time.

A local farmer when she was of working age, later in life she began to work on and developer her artistic skills to make sure she could follow the footsteps of an inspiring local who done the same thing as her. When asked about it herself, Kasparkova was quite straight about why she does it.

“I am an artist. I enjoy it and I want to help.” she said.

Her bright blue paintings stand out a mile away, with the whole area of the village given a nice touch of uniqueness and intimacy. It’s not just plain old buildings anymore; it’s something truly stunning.

It just goes to show – even in your 90s, you don’t have to stop doing something that you love. Who wants to sit around and watch TV all day, anyway?