Artist Creates Instagram Vs. Reality Pics ⋆

Artist Creates Instagram Vs. Reality Pics

As one of the most powerful forms of expression today, social media offers us all a power we never had in the past. Anyone can become a celebrity today, if they are willing to put in the effort to get noticed. Media-heavy Instagram is a fine example of that, and is one of the main reasons why we see so many people becoming stars on the back of their media utterings on the channel.

One artist, though, is that of Geraldine West. The German artist is known for her humorous, comical take on events. She’s started a rather wonderful “Instagram versus Reality” series – and some of the shots are just hilarious. Here are some of our favourites from her epic collection of images.

Train Station Styles

The fist image shows a fantastically well-dressed individual with their shiny shades, looking like they are part of an advertisement shoot. The second photo shows the reality: random assortments of clothes, a confused dog, a face that would insult the camera and an army of bags adding an extra reason to look pissed off!’

All Pain, No Gain

Her outstanding shot of an Instagram star in her half-naked mode showing off her amazing workout routine is a classic. You see these people posting stuff like “Workouts don’t have to be work!” – but in reality we all know that they look like Picture B during a workout.

If you come out of a workout and still look like Picture A, was it really a workout?

Shopping Standards

Just like the above, it captures the wonderful way we imagine a shopping trip on IG to go versus how it actually goes. Very few people get dolled up to the nines to hit the food aisles, do they? The second picture is a far more realistic take on the drudgery that can be going for the normal shopping.

Winter Shots

How many times do you see IG stars posting ridiculous shots in the snow, all full of love and gusto? It’s never the case!

Step outside for 30 seconds in the snow, and you can get to enjoy a far more uncomfortable experience. The wonderful icicles from her nose merely helps to complete an image shot that will absolutely leave you in stitches!

The way to a girls heart is with….

A McDonalds, apparently. Her tremendous stock photo style for the first photo is only trumped by her amazing face at the reality. Lets’ face it: the majority of girls would much rather have five Chicken Select dropped off with a large fries than a bouquet of flowers, correct?

It’s ok, admit it, we won’t tell anyone!

What was your favourite from this comical selection of images that perfect encapsulates day-to-day life on social media versus reality?

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